The Wyoming Senate on Tuesday approved a bill creating a palliative care council for the state.

The vote in favor of Senate File 88 was 20-10 on third reading. Palliative care is care for the seriously ill. Sponsor Senator Charles Scott (R-Casper) says in most cases the term applies to people suffering from a terminal illness. He says he has first-hand experience dealing with palliative care from taking care of his wife, who passed away in 2012 from cancer.

Scott says that while the palliative care available in Casper at the time of his wife's illness was quite good, that isn't always the case statewide, especially in some of the more rural areas of Wyoming.

The bill would create a volunteer council to advise the state on palliative care issues, including care for those in state institutions who may be suffering from terminal illness.

While the council would be composed of volunteers, Scott says his bill does allow the governor to compensate council members for mileage and with a per diem if the money is available.

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