Wyoming Rep. Landon Brown [R-Laramie County] is calling on state Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne to resign over comments Eathorne recently made about secession.

In a ''War Room" podcast hosted by former White House Advisor Steve Bannon on Jan. 16, Eathorne said ''We're keeping eyes on Texas too, and their consideration of possible secession. They have a different constitution than we do as far as wording, but it's something we're all paying attention to."

Eathorne made the comments during a discussion of Rep. Liz Cheney's vote to impeach President Trump in the U.S. House last week,

While Texas has not taken any action to secede from the union, Insider.com and numerous other media sources are quoting a state legislator there as saying he wants to get a ballot initiative before voters in the Lone Star State on possible secession.

In response to Eathorne's comments on the podcast, Rep. Brown on Tuesday took to Twitter to call for Eathorne's resignation:

 ''I’m calling on the chairman of our state Republican party to resign. Floating the idea of secession as a party plank or statement is contradictory to my stance as a Republican. This idea is pathetic and ill-advised - I am appalled that our chairman thinks he has this authority."
Eathorne told the Casper-Star Tribune that the Wyoming Republican Party has not discussed the idea of secession and is not scheduled to do so.
Besides Brown's comment about the idea being "pathetic and ill-advised," it's also unconstitutional.
Wyoming Constitution Article 21, Section 24 says this:
"The State of Wyoming is an inseparable part of the federal union and the constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land."
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