A Weld County, Colorado man who is working towards a goal of that county leaving Colorado and possibly joining Wyoming says the county doesn't fit in the Colorado of 2020.

But he says Wyoming would be a much better fit.

Todd Richards is the founder of the ''Weld County Wyoming''  Facebook page.

He says Colorado has become a state dominated by progressives who hate the oil and gas industry and tend to be hostile to gun rights and agriculture. He points to conversations about banning fracking in the state as one example of the type of attitude that is making things harder for his friends and neighbors to feel good about the future.

''People are scared here," Richards said in an interview that aired on the ''Weekend In Wyoming'' program on KGAB radio on Saturday.

Richards also says despite what some may think, the secession movement is no joke, although it does face a number of hurdles before becoming a reality.

He says that while leaving Colorado and forming a separate state might be one option, he thinks Wyoming, with its traditional support for the oil and gas industry and generally conservative pro-Second Amendment political orientation would be the ideal landing place for the county.

Richards admits making his dream a reality won't be easy and likely will involve getting approval from Colorado, Wyoming and the U.S. Congress. But he said he thinks the rest of Colorado, with its increasingly progressive political orientation, will be ''glad to see us go."

He says he and other secession advocates are in the process of deciding how to proceed, and in the meantime are working on educating people about the movement, which he says is rapidly gaining support in Weld County.

Counties have left existing U.S. states at least twice in American history. Maine left Massachusetts in 1820 to form ita own state and West Virginia left Virginia during the civil war because its residents didn't agree with Virginia's secession from the United States.

You can hear the entire interview with Richards in the audio attached to this article.

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