The Wyoming wilderness has always had its own unique personality with plenty of different creatures that you might come across on any given day. Over the weekend, one log, yes, you read that right, a log, probably saw more visitors and definitely had a more exciting weekend than anyone could have asked for.

If you had happened to come across the most adorable wolf cubs you have ever seen, a moose, some bears, and a mustelid, you would probably think you had a pretty wild time in the wilderness, granted you lived to tell about it, that might have lasted for about a week or so, roughly. But just in one day, a log was the place to be for all of these critters.

They didn't arrive all at once. That would have been even more of a crazy event. All of this was recorded on video, and posted in a tweet from The Center for Biological Diversity (@CenterForBioDiv), which, according to their Twitter account, 'works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for wildlife and wild places'. The footage in the video they shared via Twitter was also credited to the 'Wyoming Game and Fish Department'. Enjoy...

Who knew that a LOG could have such an exciting weekend? Almost as if it had some sort of magical summoning power. Does it? Probably not. It would be really cool if it did though. And also a much bigger story than just being visited by some really awesome wildlife. But yes, a log had a much better weekend than you did!

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