Tuesday, Feb. 7 was the last day for bills in the 2017 session of the Wyoming Legislature to be approved in the house of origin.

That means any bill that hasn't passed third reading in the house where it was introduced is dead for this session.

The only exceptions to the deadline are House Bill 0001 and Senate File 0001, which are actually identical versions of the supplemental budget bill and are still under consideration in their original houses of the legislature.

Both of those bills are now on second reading and may be subject to numerous amendments. Once the two houses each approve their own version of the budget a conference committee will work to resolve differences and then both houses will have to approve the final version fo the bill.

According to the Legislative Service Office, 485 bills and resolutions were given numbers so that they could be introduced. As of Wednesday morning, 289 of those bills remained active. In the Senate 175 bills were proposed, with 123 of those making it to the House for further consideration.

In the Wyoming House, 291 bills were put forward and 166 have made it to the Senate.

Nineteen bills were given numbers but were never considered by either house.

Other legislative deadlines this month include Feb. 24, which is the last day for bills to be reported out of committee, and Feb. 27, which is the last day for Committee of the Whole action on bills.

The 2017 Legislative Session is expected to wrap up by March 3.

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