The Wyoming Legislature was able to agree on a bill increasing the state fees for registering cars in Wyoming just before the 2017 session drew to a close on Friday night.

The bill now will go to Governor Matt Mead.

The final bill will double the state fees for registering a passenger vehicle from $15 to $30 dollars, starting July 1.

At one point that fee would have only increased to $25, but many lawmakers felt that wasn't enough, and they were able to restore the original $30 proposed by amending the bill back to the higher number.

Motorcycle registration fees will go from $12 to $25, and other fees for various types of commercial vehicles will also increase, The equalized highway use tax for out of state commercial vehicles will also increase.

Along with the car registration fee increase, lawmakers also approved a bill doubling the fees for getting a Wyoming driver's license. Those bills are part of an effort to free up general fund money that is currently going to WYDOT.

The fee increase only applies to the state car registration fees, which previously had not increased since 1975.

Registering a car in Wyoming often costs several hundred dollars. Most of those fees are imposed locally rather than by the state.


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