Wyoming lawmakers will again wrestle with the issue of regulating edible marijuana products during the upcoming legislative session.

The issue has been a difficult one for the Wyoming Legislature with several bills failing to win final approval. The issue has come to the forefront since Colorado legalized pot for recreational use. Voters approved a ballot measure to do that in 2012 and legal weed became a reality in that state in 2014.

The big issue in Wyoming has been deciding whether the amount of the plant contained in edible marijuana products are the amount of THC should be the deciding factor in what constitutes a felony amount of pot edibles.

Legislators in 2017 were once again unable to hammer out a compromise that both houses of the legislature could agree upon. This year a pair of bills dealing with the issue have already been filed.

They include House Bill 16 and Senate File 23. The Wyoming Legislature will convene a 20-day budget session on Feb.12 in Cheyenne. Because it is a budget session, non-budget items will need a 2/3 majority vote to be introduced.

Because of the vagueness of current state law on pot edibles, a number of felony charges dealing with the products have been dismissed, much to the frustration of prosecutors and law enforcement.

Many pot-infused products are being sold legally in Colorado, ranging from candies such as gummy bears to sodas, among others.

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