The Wyoming House of Representatives on Thursday voted in favor of a pair of education bills, although neither bill has won final approval from house members.

The House Committee of the Whole gave initial approval to House Bill 76, known as the American Indian Education Program Bill.

That bill aims to recognize "the importance of preserving the heritage and contribution of American Indian tribes" in the state school system. Wyoming Department of Education spokeswoman Kari Eakins says the bill would especially focus on the two tribes who have a reservation in Wyoming, the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapahoe tribes.

House Bill 76 still faces two more readings in the house before a final votes is taken.

Also on Thursday, house members approved second reading of House Bill 40. Eakins says that bill is an education accountability measure that works to bring the state into compliance with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

ESSA replaced the No Child Left Behind Bill, and Superintendent Jillian Balow and other state officials say ESSA gives the state a lot more latitude in administering education.

House Bill 40 faces a third and decisive vote in the house, which will probably happen on Friday (Jan. 27).

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