A bill that would increase the state car registration fees on non-commercial vehicles has passed the Wyoming House of Representatives on first reading.

House Bill 218 would raise the state fees from $15 to $25 on passenger vehicles and school buses as well as motorcycles and multipurpose vehicles.

The state fee on some other non-commercial vehicles would increase by anywhere between $10 and $60. Commercial vehicles have a separate fee structure and would not be affected by the bill.

The bill only applies to the state registration fee, not the fees levied by the counties. The county fees can run several hundred dollars on a newer vehicle.

The state money goes for transportation projects such as road overlays and similar projects, whereas the local money goes for a variety of expenses which in many cases are not related to transportation.

Rep. Donald Burkhart (R-Carbon County) told house members Friday that the state registration fee has not increased since 1975. He said the increase would raise $18 million, which could replace general fund money that is currently going to help fund WYDOT projects.

But Rep. Tim Salazar (R-Fremont County) said the bill is a tax increase adding "I will not be voting for a tax increase today."

House Bill 218 still faces two more readings in the state house before a decisive third and final vote is taken.




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