In our region of the state, we definitely have access to plenty of solid breweries that are well known, not just in southeast Wyoming, but across the state. However, none of our local breweries are a spot where you can camp at overnight. While that concept might sound a little farfetched, there is actually a brewery that exists in the Cowboy State where you can do just that.

While it is getting to be about that time of the year when you can start taking some road trips to unique destinations, this brewery is certainly a must-see for almost anyone's travels throughout the state. 'Only In Wyoming' recently mentioned how if you go to the small remote town of Ten Sleep, WY, there is Ten Sleep Brewery a pretty solid tap list of brews.

As you can see, the brewery is surrounded by some impressive scenery. That scenery is included with campgrounds that you can set up camp on when the weather is ideal. Take a road trip and stay for a weekend and you don't even have to worry about getting an Uber or Lyft because you have your camp set up right next to the brewery.

The campground even has some amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a charging station, port-a-potties, and hot showers are available (those may require a fee).

Not only does the brewery have plenty of brews to try, but there are nights for live music, open mic nights, trivia nights, and plenty of good food for everyone!

Oh, and lots of beer! There's something for every taste whether it's a golden ale, wheat, IPA, etc. It's literally 'pick your poison' (don't worry, it's not poison, that's a figure of speech).

So if breweries with live music, trivia nights, and camping available are your thing, Ten Sleep Brewery at 2549 US-16 in Ten Sleep, WY may just be on your list of things to do this spring/summer/fall.

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