It wasn't long ago that Danielmark Brewing Company announced they were departing from the downtown scene in Cheyenne. However, with their departure also came a switchover to a new brewery that will be absorbing the downtown Cheyenne scene for years to come.

It's been known for a bit that the planned date for the reopening of the former Danielmark Brewing Company would be May 24th as Blue Raven Brewery is stepping in to the same location and putting their own spin on things. As they have posted the event on their Facebook page, they plan to open at noon on Tuesday, May 24th.

Their launch will also include some live music for Tuesday night as Johnny V will perform, starting at 6 p.m.

In the coming days, they also expect to have a local food truck, Bernie's Cafe, stationed outside. You can check out their full menu here

According to Blue Raven Brewery's website, the opening set for May 24th is just a soft opening as understandably, they still have ongoing renovations that will be happening into the summer before an official 'Grand Opening' takes place. Their website also notes that you can request a tour of the changes to come for the incoming brewery as they hope to get things completed this summer.

All the same, it's exciting anytime a new business opens up in downtown Cheyenne. Especially when it's a new brewery that has plans in place while it acclimates into the downtown Cheyenne community. As the summer and/or party months are ahead of us, let's welcome in Blue Raven Brewery at 209 E. 18th Street, to set the tone for the summer months. Cheers!

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