The statewide average gas price in Wyoming rose just one cent over the past week, but that was more than enough to put the Wyoming's average gas price to a staggering 40 cents more than the national average gas price.

According to AAA, Wyoming's average gas price went from $3.57 last week to $3.58 per gallon while the national average gas price dipped from $3.19 to $3.18 per gallon. From one month ago, the national average is up two cents from where it was in July when it was $3.16 per gallon. However, in Wyoming, the statewide average is up 15 cents from $3.43 per gallon last month.

As the traveling months of summer wind down, perhaps there could be relief on the horizon from what seems like 'ever-rising' gas prices for Wyoming. In past years, gas demand typically falls sharply after the last weekend holiday of the summer months, which would be Labor Day weekend. There has already been a recent drop in demand for gas as national average prices have somewhat stabilized despite the fact that Wyoming's have continued to go up at a brisk pace.

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The average price in Laramie County is at $3.49 while Albany County is at $3.50. According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gas in Cheyenne is currently $3.34 at both Sam's Club on Dell Range and just across the street from there at the Exxon station.

In Laramie, the cheapest gas is at Tumbleweed Express at 4700 Bluebird Ln for $2.97. The next cheapest is at the Conoco on Snowy Range Rd for $3.39.

Perhaps the fall months will bring kinder gas prices for Wyomingites.

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