A spokeswoman for a group that lobbies for LGBTQ rights says the so called "bathroom bill" that has been introduced in the state house is generating such strong pushback that it will probably not be approved.

House Bill 244 would prohibit the use of a restroom by anyone who's anatomical sex at birth doesn't correspond to the gender assigned to a restroom.

Sara Burlingame of Wyoming Equality on Monday applauded recent statements by Governor Matt Mead that such bills may encourage the bullying of gay or transgender students. She says of the governor's statements, "He is 100 percent right."

Burlingame also says the bill tries to address a problem that doesn't exist in Wyoming because there haven't been any reports of transgender state residents harassing others in restrooms. Burlingame says, "Here in Wyoming we really, really value being left alone while we go pee" and don't like lawmakers interfering in such private matters.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Lars Lone (R-Laramie County) and Mark Jennings (R-Sheridan County). Supporters of the legislation say it is needed to protect people from sexual predators and generally protect the privacy of people using restrooms in the state.

The bill does make exceptions for medical personnel, maintenance people, and others who may have various reasons for being in bathrooms designated for people of the opposite sex.

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