It seems more and more these days we're seeing more and more online stores popping up online. You may get a great deal, but they could be followed by many problems.

According to Good Housekeeping, customers who have ordered from these 'great deal' sites, have experienced problems with the online stores.

We're not questioning as to whether or not you are a savvy shopper, but assuming you are you can still get stuck with a bad online deal.

According to Justin Lavelle, with BeenVerified, an online check background site, had this to say about the matter. "There are many overseas clothing companies today offering [what they advertise as] gorgeous and trendy clothes for next to nothing," he says. "They show images of the clothes on models that look amazing. But what you see on their site and what you get are usually two different things — cheap fabrics, unrealistic sizing, and impossible returns and refunds."

Here are 5 online stores that are suggested you do not do business with.

  1. - The BBB reported $15,000 in claimed losses from this site. One reviewer said the clothes were poor quality, missing hems and the sizes were off by quite a bit.
  2. - The BBB has had complaints with this site from consumers also. Complaints that included warranty, delivery and payment problems.
  3. - Basically, SiteJabber reported many complaints from reviewers with this site. Comments like "fraud", "trash", "thieves" and "ugly", to name a few.
  4. - Many reviewers gave this site just one star and one comment about the clothing said, "something you might win at a roadside carnival."
  5. - This China-based website has not yet been vetted by the BBB. However, the BBB did give the site an F rating.

Remember, if it seems like a 'great deal' and it's too good to be true, well, it probably is.


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