A spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Education says Superintendent Jillian Balow is disappointed that bills to emphasize computer science and civics have failed to win approval in the Wyoming Legislature.

Kari Eakins says "We were really hoping to have a better emphasis" on the two subject areas. She says a bill that would have weighted computer science courses more heavily for getting the larger Hathaway Scholarships has been amended to remove that provision.

The portion of the bill that encourages students to take harder courses for the scholarship is still alive, however, and Eakins says the department is pleased about that. She says the "weighted GPA" provision of that bill will encourage students to be more prepared for college by taking tougher courses.

She says a second bill that would have required students to take either a fourth year of math or a computer science class to graduate also has failed.

A bill that would have required students to pass the U.S. Citizenship test also is dead. Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray has been at the forefront of those calling for improved civics education Wyoming, citing low voter turnout among 18-25 year-old Wyoming residents.

But Eakins says many educators are pushing back against any requirements to do more at a time when education in the state is facing major funding challenges.

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