A bill that would repeal most gun-free zones in Wyoming has been proposed in the Wyoming Legislature for the upcoming 2020 sessions.

The legislation would not repeal gun-free zones in courtrooms or on private property but would eliminate such zones in governmental meetings (including the legislature), schools, colleges and many other venues where firearms are currently prohibited.

The bill would also mandate that only the legislature may regulate firearms in Wyoming, specifically saying cities, towns and counties and other local governmental entities could not do so.

Senate File 88 is sponsored by Senator Anthony Bouchard (R-Laramie County) and several co-sponsors.

Similar bills in past legislative sessions have generated opposition from some local governmental leaders.

In Cheyenne, for example, both former Mayor Rick Kaysen and current Mayor Marian Orr have spoken out against similar bills in the past.

Orr said in 2019 that while she is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, she thinks such decisions should be made locally and not by the legislature.

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