Laramie County Sheriff Brian Kozak has created an Inmate Work Crew Program to benefit the community and offer low-risk inmates who have demonstrated good behavior while jailed for minor crimes the opportunity to work outside of the jail.

Inmate Work Crew Helps Ready Burns Cemetery for Memorial Day

On Monday, May 20, the Sheriff's Office took an inmate work crew to the Burns Cemetery to get the grounds ready for Memorial Day.

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Laramie County Sheriff's Office
Laramie County Sheriff's Office

"The inmates helped with mowing, weed eating, clearing tumbleweeds off the fences, and picking up garbage," Kozak said in a news release.

The inmates were fitted with GPS trackers before leaving the jail and supervised by deputies, as will be the practice for all inmates chosen to participate in the program.

Laramie County Sheriff's Office
Laramie County Sheriff's Office

"When I brought this idea to the inmates, they were excited to give back to the community," said Kozak. "The inmates had heart-felt pride when community members thanked them for their hard work."

Those who have a project for the inmate work crew that would benefit Laramie County are asked to call Deputy Wiltanger at 307-633-4745.

"We ask that you provide lunch for the inmates while working on your project," said Kozak.

"You can also make donations to the program," Kozak added. "Donations will be used to purchase safety equipment for the inmate workers."

Kozak says the public will know when an inmate work crew is out working because large orange signs will be placed in the area that read, “SHERIFF'S WORK CREW AHEAD."

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