The weekend may be winding down, but the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service says the arctic blast which has plunged the region into a deep freeze is not ready to leave just yet.

The agency posted this statement on its website:

''Snow continues to taper off across the area this morning, however the cold weather is not going anywhere just yet. Wind Chill Warnings and Advisories are in effect this morning through Monday morning as wind chills as low as 25 to 45 degrees below zero are expected, especially early this morning and early Monday morning. Current wind chills range from 35 to 45 degrees below zero west of the Laramie Range and 25 to 35 degrees below zero east of the Laramie Range and across the Nebraska Panhandle. Bundle up, limit time outdoors and carry a winter survival kit in your vehicle. Remember that frost bite and hypothermia can set in rapidly when wind chills fall below zero. These cold temperatures will be especially hazardous for newborn livestock."

But the good news is that temperatures will slowly warm up this week..

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