It seems more and more each year that the city of Cheyenne is solving their traffic problems by installing round-a-bouts, to cut down on accidents at intersections.

Some people have stated that Cheyenne is trying to become more like Europe. As if that's a bad thing. Remember, if you enjoy getting from point A to point B on our nations highways, you can thank Europe for that idea.

After all, it was Dwight D. Eisenhower who, after returning from World War II, thought it was a great solution for America. Frankly, it's worked out well. But I digress.

Get back to why we love these round-a-bouts in Cheyenne, there are many reasons why we do. When Indiana replaced their intersections with round-a-bouts, this was the outcome.

  • Construction costs dropped about $125,000 per year. People are always complaining about spending excess monies on construction, so this looks like a good solution.
  • It was reported that gas savings in Indiana hit $24,000 per roundabout! That's a lot of cash in the pocket.
  • Injury accidents decreased by about 80 percent. Less people dying in traffic accidents is a good thing.
  • Total accidents, overall, dropped by 40 percent.

As you can see, there are many reasons why we love these roundabouts in the Capital City so much. Let's hope we just keep installing more and more of them, shall we?

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