There are times that you drive by something that is either being renovated or it's completely closed and your curiosity makes you wonder what is happening with it. The Lariat Motel in south Cheyenne certainly provokes such a question. So really, what's the deal with this place? What is happening with the Lariat Motel in south Cheyenne?

The property is located at 600 Central Ave, right next to the popular Lamp Lounge spot. I can't tell you when the place closed or how long it has been where it is for that matter. Currently, the hotel is closed up. Here's a look....

Lariat Motel

What seems to be going on with this seemingly rundown motel? The last piece of known public news about the location involved a shooting that killed a 36-year old man. With such a horrible incident, it certainly couldn't have been easy to go into an outright shut down of the business, however that transition took place.

Cheyenne is known for having several local spots to stay at and with the right renovations, this could be one of those spots. However, previous reviews, albeit on Yelp, don't exactly bode well for the motel. There were a total of six reviews and just one star for the establishment. Here's an example of a review from 'Mary H.' that was as recent as 2019:

If I could give this dump zero stars, I would.  Two words:  BED BUGS!  I was about to lie down when I saw one scamper across the bed.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep much.  To add to the mix, the room is filthy and reeks of cigarette smoke.  I could deal with everything else, just not the bed bug factor.  The only thing that could possibly improve this place is to douse it in gasoline and burn it to the ground.  Please don't subject yourself to this hell hole- spend a little more and stay elsewhere.

The initial structure of the motel is still up, for the time being at least. Should whoever is taking charge of the building, want to make a new business or hotel out of it, the potential is still there, given the aforementioned renovations required. There's even been a booming business that's moved in with the nearby opening of Ike's Sports Bar.

So really, what's the deal with this place? What will become of the shut down Lariat Motel in Cheyenne?

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