A spokeswoman for State Farm Insurance is reminding Cheyenne residents what to do in winter car accidents.

Angela Thorpe notes that in severe winter storms in Cheyenne  police activate their accident alert system.. That means minor accidents not involving drunk driving or serious bodily injury can be reported the next business day, because officers become too busy to deal with a rash of weather-related crashes.

Thorpe says the first thing to do is make sure everyone is OK. If not, police  should be notified. Thorpe says if your car is disabled in traffic or on a roadway you should turn on your hazard lights so other vehicles can see you. She says you also need to make sure that all of the people involved get off the street and ut of traffic, even if it means leaving a car in the road.

Thorpe says if you have a cell-phone or other mobile device with a camera, you should take a picture of the accident. She says that should include both your car and any other vehicles involved so the damage is documented.

She says if possible you should write down a quick account of what happened, and exchange insurance information with any other motorists who are involved.

She says you should also get contact information for any witnesses on the scene.

In terms of avoiding an accident in the first place, Thorpe says the best advance is to slow down and be very deliberate in your driving decisions.

Above all, don't take chances, even those that might seem safe under better driving conditions.