Today on The Morning Zone:

7:07AM MDT: Chris Markowski-Watch Dog on Wall Street, makes sense out of today's financial markets and news.
7:37AM MDT:According to news reports, Yemen foiled an al Qaeda plot to capture oil and gas facilities and seize two key southern ports early this week. News of the foiled plot comes a day after the United States urged all Americans to leave the country amid fears of a possible terror threat. Meanwhile, the White House warns the terror alert which forced US embassy closures across the Middle East and Africa could continue for another four weeks revealing its intelligence indicates an ongoing threat. Counterintelligence expert Chris Simmons to explains how terrorist groups are profiled, threats assessed, and countermeasures employed.
8:07AM MDT:  Rob Black and Andrea Hixon of Wyoming Workforce Services return to update us on the various issues and opportunities available for employment and employers in Wyoming.
9:07AM MDT: ASK-A-LOCAL EXPERT, Dr. Ruby Zubrod from Brant Audiology and Associates is back to discuss the various issues effecting our hearing and what we can do to hear better.