Get ready for another fantastic program today, Dave's guests will be:

7:07AM MDT: Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski is on to make sense of today's financial world and the ways it effects our pocket books. Chris is a well experienced money manager and long time friend of The Morning Zone.

8:07AM MDT: Professor Jared Ball will guest to talk about his book I MiX What I Like: A MiXtape Manifesto and A Lie of Reinvention: He says, "Those who say that Dr. King would not be invited by those convening this coming 50th anniversary March on Washington are correct. Similarly, those saying Barack Obama is disingenuous when, as is again happening, he tries to assume, symbolically, the position held by King. 
    "But these points themselves are insufficient; neither King's false heirs nor the presidency of false hopes would exist at all without first the assassination of King and then the perennial abuse of his history and image. These replacement events and leaders are fraudulent stand-ins for a movement so well represented by King's focused stances against the intransigence of white supremacy, the violence of capitalism at home and the imperialism it fosters abroad.

8:37AM MDT: ASK-A-LOCAL-EXPERT: Jeff Jacoby from Cheyenne's historic Shrader's Funeral Home.