If you think last month was unusually wet in southeast Wyoming you are right.

According to the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service, over 12 inches fell at one location between Yoder and Lagrange. That's more than the average precipitation of many Wyoming communities for an entire year.

Several other areas reported rainfall of 6 inches or more. In fairness, most areas got a lot of rain, but not quite that much

For Example, Laramie received 3.90 inches of rain, the second wettest June on record for Laramie. Cheyenne was a little drier, but not much, getting 3.55 inches of rain. By means of comparison, Cheyenne gets an average yearly of 15.94 inches, and Laramie gets 11.43 inches.

Those numbers are according to the usclimatedata.com website. That means Laramie got over a third of its typical yearly precipitation in one month, and Cheyenne roughly a quarter of its total.

But even those amounts were on the low side compared to some areas of southeast Wyoming, according to the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service:

''June was a really wet month for just about everyone in southeast Wyoming and Nebraska Panhandle. This graphic shows the monthly rainfall reported by our CoCoRaHS observers from 1-30 June 2023. Monthly rainfall ranged from just under 2 inches in southern Carbon County to over 12 inches between Yoder and La Grange. The Panhandle fared well in terms of monthly precipitation as well, with 2 to 6 inches reported."

The agency posted this map showing that while everyone got some precipitation, there was also a lot of variation across the region:

May be an image of ‎map and ‎text that says '‎CoCoRaHS Rain Accumulations 1-30 June 2023 CoCoRaHS AccumulaedP Precipitation 安 completeness Options Home Help Feedbac 2.86 12.31 26.46in. Torrington Wheatland 2.80 3.71 3.89 Alliance Elk Mountain 1.91 4.04 1.88 3.56" Chugwater 2.89 3.20 SCOTTSEOOFF 3.85 Scottsbluff Laramie Encampment Bridgeport وی Albin Cheyenne 4.60 3.77m Sidney 4.03 2.00 2.50 27‎'‎‎

Here is the overall climate summary for Cheyenne last month:

May be an image of text that says 'June Review 2023 First cooler than average summer month since June 2019 Chenne Wyoming June with most days of highs in the 70s or cooler since 2003. AVERAGE TEMP: 61.5°F -1.6- Below Normal Measurable rainfall fell on 18 of 30 days (tied 3rd most on record) WARMEST: 90°F Jun 27th 27 COLDEST: 45°F Year-to-date precipitation of 10.51" through June 30 is 2.29" above average WEATHE Jun 25th CHEYENNE PRECIPITATION: 3.55" NINK +2.16" Above Normal RECORDS SINCE 1873 WETTEST DAY: 0.66" Jun'

Another National Weather Service graph includes the precipitation temperature data for Laramie and other communities around the region:

May be an image of text that says 'June 2023 Review Average Warmest Coldest Temperature Temperature Temperatur 57.3°F 84°F 38°F -0.7° Below Normal 06/26 06/25 Rawlins, 59.6F -0.3° Below Normal pitation 3.90" +2.41" Above Normal 84°F 06/26 Chadron, Nebraska 39°F 06/06 67.7F +0.7° Above Normal 1.33" +0.46' Above Normal ! 97°F 06/19 Sidney, Nebraska 43°F 06/17 64.4°F 2.1 Below Normal 4.01" +1.55" Above Normal Alliance, Nebraska 45°F 06/05 87°F 06/19, 06/27 ! 93°F 06/19 65.1F +0.1 Above Normal 5.97" +2.82" Above Normal 40°F 06/14 4.69" +1.79" Above Normal'

So far in July, the same weather trends appear to be holding, with moderate to heavy rainfall seen across the region over the last few days, including the July Fourth holiday.

May 24 Landspout Spirals Over Cheyenne

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