There was a time when an old radio receiver was a piece of furniture in the house. It was the centerpiece that the family sat around in the evening to hear the news from and enjoy their favorite radio shows.

Today's radio receivers are hidden away, in the dash of our car or even in our cell phones. Most just fit snugly in the pocket. A few people like to buy bigger radios with big speakers so they can tune in to music or their favorite talk show in the shop or at family outing. But we don't see the living room setting surrounding it like way-back-when.

The old radio, in the video above, is a Corolla, made in Canada. Some how it made it's way down to an American retail store, and to a home in Wyoming.

About 6 years ago I was given the radio as a centerpiece for the lobby of where I was hosting a radio show. That was up in Gillette Wyoming. I took it with me down to Cheyenne.

The old thing did not work. I had intended to fix it up. But after a few years I realized that I would never have time.

But I knew a guy who would fix it up and get everything running again. He would have the interest and the motivation that I lacked. I turned it over to him and today the old radio is  working again.

The radio even has a hidden compartment at the bottom with a surprise that he plans to fix up next.

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