It was great to have a local, talented guy in the KGAB Studios this morning as we visited with Cheyenne-based Magician and Entertainer Dan Jaspersen.

Dan was trained by a con artist. For real. In the course of that early training, Jaspersen swore to only use his powers for good. And good he did on the KGAB morning show this morning.

He talked about how he got started and his signature move -- the fork trick. Performed countless times for Congressional represetatives, he knows just how many bent forks he's left on their desks.

But Dan will soon be performing a major vanishing trick of his own, as he'll be leaving the Front Range in another week, bound for Milwaukee and another career.

While we had him in the studio, he did a card trick....with a KGAB caller. Caller Ken chose a seven of hearts and Dan flipped over that very card! (I witnessed it. And, as far as I know, my eyesight is not failing me yet...).

Dan will be missed. However, he will be back for the Laramie Country Fair in early August to perform.


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