In Laramie County and specifically, the immediate Cheyenne area, Make-A-Wish Wyoming is seeking out volunteers to help grant wishes for local kids and families.

The volunteers will get to help kids and families throughout the wish process, including the main facets within the child's wish, along with getting to celebrate breakthroughs along the path of the child's wish. They will also help families with the paperwork process along the way.

Laramie County is seeking out more wish granters as there are currently more than 60 already, but more are needed within the area to keep pace up with the number of wish children locally. Throughout the state, Make-A-Wish Wyoming is working to grant wishes to 51 children, which also includes eight in Laramie County. But Make-A-Wish Wyoming is accepting to wish-granters throughout the entire state at any given time.

In becoming a wish-granter, it's important that person is compassionate with great communication skills, while also being creative. They will help see to it that each child and family has an enjoyable and amazing wish experience.

Sandi Riley of Cheyenne recently shared her experience as being a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Wyoming with Wyoming News Now. She talked about what it means to be a volunteer and also gave advice for anyone wanting to become a wish granter:

I have so many wish memories, they are all special, all different, but in the end it’s all about the happiness...To be patient with the wish family. All families are different and going through a lot, we are there to be positive and bring joy.

For more info on how to become a wish granter with Make-A-Wish Wyoming, you can contact Operations Manager Michele Lloyd at or call 307-234-9474. Make-A-Wish works to grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

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