My family has been to Yellowstone many times and we periodically will see bison and maybe even a lone bear every now and then. We've never seen Yellowstone wolves, grizzly, coyotes and a great gray owl like one videographer appears to have done in just one day.

BE Judson explained that this occurred very recently in the video description:

Wildlife views in September 2021 at Fountain Flats in the Lower Geyser Basin, along the Yellowstone River, and across from Lake Overlook in Yellowstone National Park.

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It's worth noting that he almost certainly captured these videos with a very large professional zoom on his recording camera. Let's hope.

Here's the chronology of the video:

  • black wolf at watering hole
  • coyote feeding
  • bear sow with cub on fallen trees
  • wolves gathering on carcass
  • great gray owl swooping down from tree limb to prey

That's quite an assortment of Wyoming wildlife even if it was captured over the span of weeks. Someone on YouTube asked if these videos were captured during a hike. Here's the official response:

From ridge at Fountain Flats hiker trailhead, just one hundred yards from the trail where birds of prey were circling overhead. Behind the ridge is a large basin of springs. Wolves had been trying to break through traffic all day to get to the location and even after dark most were east of the road in a meadow. Big wolf jam there. The carcass was a mile west of the highway.

That's either some amazing luck or BE Judson is experienced enough to know where to look for this incredible wildlife in the park. I'm guessing it's the latter.

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