Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you had your own background music to your life? Or if you could have your very own intro music for when you walked into a new setting? If only these things could happen. However, if Wyoming was to be described in one short video, there's probably a very select list of songs that we would accept as some great background music for the Cowboy State. They may just have found the perfect background music in this particular video.

It's always a fascinating aspect of every video on TikTok to see what music a particular goes with for their video. I would think you would want it to match up very appropriately for what was being shown. This video was on point with just that.

The video shows several things to do in Wyoming throughout the entire state. Wyomingites know all of this about our state. But given the amount of tourism that comes through the state, this would be a good rundown to let someone know about things there are to do in the Cowboy State. Here it is...

That's definitely the first time I've ever seen things to do in Wyoming while the theme music to 'King of the Hill' plays in the background. If only they could have also put Hank Hill, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill put into every scene, this could have been one of the greatest videos ever.

The video has been viewed almost 244,000 times and has more than 26,000 likes on TikTok. The comment section is pretty hysterical as well. Some worth mentioning were:

  • "You forgot wind"
  • "Notice how he didn't say people."
  • "You forgot to mention the wind."
  • "They also have only like 3 people living in Wyoming."
  • "We also have 2 escalators"

As you can tell, most of them took shots at our wind and lack of population. I was shocked to see the escalator mention though. That's a true statement about that, by the way. Either way, you can't help but dig the background music while showing off Wyoming.

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