With so much great scenery to show off in Wyoming, it's not often it always gets it due. A lot of that can definitely change with the use of the social media medium TikTok. Someone decided to take the liberty of showing off one of the great state parks in existence in any state. It just so happens to be Curt Gowdy State Park in southeast Wyoming, just to the west of Cheyenne.

Sometimes when you're making your way to an awesome setting, you need to come prepared to show it off across social media. What makes an awesome setting look that much better? When it's already covered in snow during the holiday season. Let's have a look...

The song chosen for the background music couldn't have been any more fitting given the fact that we are in the Cowboy State, as The Chicks' 'Cowboy Take Me Away' plays in the background. The TikTok user 'mommarn4' also picked the perfect caption since Curt Gowdy State Park is most definitely a 'must see while in Cheyenne, WY'.

The TikTok video was posted just yesterday (December 29th). You can definitely tell given the amount of snow we've recently received in our region, which only accentuates the beauty that Curt Gowdy State Park has to offer.

The outdoors in southeast Wyoming is even pretty awesome in the middle of winter while freezing temperatures are upon us. There's never a bad time to appreciate one of the most beautiful spots throughout the entire Cowboy State.

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