We know that there's plenty of exploring to do in Wyoming in general, but in Cheyenne, there's lots to do in and around the capital city as well. One TikTok user showed off a plethora of things to do throughout Cheyenne in just one day.

Sure, you might be thinking how it's currently fall and that may put a little bit of a limit on what to do around town. There's no Cheyenne Frontier Days going on, or outdoor concerts for that matter. But this particular individual really did hit the town throughout their visit as they accented a little bit of everything around the city that many of us here might take for granted.

She even soundtracked the video perfectly with a classic from George Strait. The fact she was able to get all that from the city in just a day is pretty impressive. It had a look at murals, the Depot Plaza, historic sculptures, The Albany, the Cheyenne Street Railway Trolley, The Wrangler, The Botanical Gardens, the Cheyenne Frontier Days signage at Frontier Park, the Big Boy Steam Engine at Holliday Park, among others. That is quite a visit in a day.

It's a nice reminder of what we have here in town and honestly, based on my normal routine of finding things to do around town, it's just the tip of the iceberg. One things for sure, tourists love coming to Cheyenne, and they love showing the capital city off. Even if it's just for one day.

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