A trio of suspects is wanted for using a "money counting scam" to steal cash from grocery stores in Rock Springs and Green River, according to police in those cities.

A post on the Rock Springs Police Department Facebook page outlined the scam:

"On July 24, 2019, at approximately 5:17 pm, two female subjects entered Smith’s in Green River, and approached the customer service desk, while a third male subject hung around the area of the service desk. The two female subjects proceeded to purchase an item. While waiting for the clerk to count out their change, they asked that the change be counted in specific denominations. While the clerk attempted to count back the correct change the suspects interrupted and asked questions, distracting the clerk, speaking mostly in English but also in possibly Italian or Spanish. One of the suspects, seemingly frustrated with how the clerk was counting the money, continually distracted the clerk in order to overwhelm them and eventually the suspect handled the money. The suspect then discretely pocketed some of the cash then handed the rest of the cash back to the clerk. The suspects then left the store and drove off in a silver SUV.

The same suspects then entered the Smith’s in Rock Springs, two hours later and conducted the same scheme to obtain cash

If you have any information about their identity or this case, please contact Detective Kirkwood at the GRPD at 307-872-6168 or Detective Davis at the RSPD at 307-352-1575. You may remain anonymous."

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