By land or by sea, there are three Wyoming associated launch pads that could be used to nuke North Korea.

That would only happen if North Korea fired first, and actually hit us. There is little chance of them hitting anything but themselves. Just a few months ago the tiny nation fired a missile at, who knows what they were actually aiming at, and accidentally wiped one of their own towns off the map. 

The city of Cheyenne, as you obviously know, has the nukes that may very well be called on to fire at The Hermit Kingdom. But it is not just the city of Cheyenne, but the USS Cheyenne. 

The USS Cheyenne is a massive submarine that carries nuclear missiles. It can do far more devastation than any battleship.

There is also the USS Wyoming, Ohio Class which carries the biggest nukes America has at sea.

So if there is a skirmish, the end of North Korea could potentially come from

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