Wyoming might be a landlocked state, but the Navy sure loves naming its vessels after our cities, counties, and even the state.

The Secretary of the Navy personally picks the names of ships. But that is not to say that he is never lobbied. Cruisers are named after cities. Destroyers are named for American leaders and heroes. Starting in 1931, submarines were named for "fish and creatures of the deep. Later subs were named for towns and cities. Only battleships were named for states.  But now there is a massive submarine that carries nuclear missiles. It can do far more devastation than any battleship. So now the largest class of subs carry the names of states. Yes, there is a USS Wyoming, Ohio Class.

Others include:

Ships named after the state of Wyoming include:
USS Wyoming (BB-32)
USS Wyoming (BM-10)
USS Wyoming (SSBN-742)
USS Wyoming - actually this ship was named for the Wyoming Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania
USS Yellowstone (AD-27)

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