My apologies in advance if I fail to mention a true Wyoming gun manufacture.

Wyomingites love guns. Therefore, why not get your loved one a gun that is either entirely or mostly made in Wyoming?

Here are a few of the factories and shops that manufacture guns in the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Arms LLC Based in Cody Wyoming, was conceived by 3 longtime friends with expertise in shooting and hunting along with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing. Offering Modern Precision in the Old West, Wyoming Arms LLC continues the western tradition where firearms were everyday tools of life.

Big Horn Armory, Inc. back in 2008, with the goal of designing a Browning type lever action gun, chambered in 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. It took a few years of perfecting the design, and sizing the action specifically to this cartridge to end up with the Model 89. Since the size of the action is just about halfway between a Model 1886 and Model 1892, we thought the Model 89 was the perfect name. The design closely follows the work of John Browning, with some modern refinements from modern metallurgy and machining techniques. We often wondered how the Master would have used the tools and knowledge that was not available during his time.

Weatherby Manufacturing. Their famous hunting rifles and more recently moved their manufacturing from California to Sheridan Wyoming

Stag Arms is moving to Wyoming. Not sure if they will have manufacturing up and ready in time for this Christmas. Maybe next year. They make AR-15 style rifles and what Wyomingite does not love that?

Freedom Arms located in Freedom Wyoming along the Idaho boarder. You'll love their old school style pistols. Nothing light weight here. Their firearms pack a punch. Just look at the game they brought down on their Trophies page.

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