It all began when Wyoming was just a territory in America, that the Laramie County Library System was established. Last year, the library celebrated its 130 birthday.

For what seemed like 5 grueling years, Wyoming Territory citizens did their dead-level best to try to get funding for a library.

The people finally got their way and in 1886 the Laramie County Library came to fruition. It is the oldest, continually operating library system in America!

It did not start as its own building. Originally, the library was housed on the third floor of a building that was located on Carey Ave, in Cheyenne. After that, it was housed in the basement of what was then known as Central High School.

Once Wyoming became a state, in 1890, legislation was passed stating that employees of the library would be funded by Laramie County. Because the city didn't have the funds at the time to keep the library going, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie stepped in and gave the city $50,000 to keep the library open.

In 1902, the library was located at the corner of 22nd and Capitol Ave and was there until 1969, when a new building was erected on Central Ave. Because no one came forward with ideas for the old building, it was later torn down.

The Laramie County Library relocated to a brand new, state-of-the-art building on Pioneer Blvd, where is serves many residents and was voted in the top 5 libraries in the country.

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