7:07AM MST:  Jim Kouri.  Law Enforcement Columnist and Fifth Vice, President of The National Association of Chiefs of Police will discuss his latest column (posted in it's entirity now right here on www.kgab.com) ...President Barack Obama's national security advisor and nominee to serve as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director defended the Obama administration's secretive drone assassination program this past weekend on the Sunday morning news shows. John Brennan, who currently oversees the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) program at the Obama White House, was faced with questions from lawmakers from both political parties during the confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee.Brennan conceded that there continues to be intense debate over the Obama administration's counterterrorism efforts. But he claimed President Obama only used drone strikes as a preventative tool against imminent terrorist threats, not as a method of execution for past acts.

7:37AM MST Dr. Deb Hirschhorn: discusses Shame On America’s Mental Health System...As Congress debates new gun laws, many warn that there’s another part of the puzzle that needs to be addressed – access to good mental health services.Family therapist Dr. Deb Hirschhorn is angry because she believes many of the young men like the Newtown school shooter can’t get the help they need from America’s mental health system. She says we’ll never know if the tragedy could have been prevented had his
parents and a team of counselors and mental health professionals stepped in at an early stage of his development. She’ll explain how the mental health community’s knee-jerk reaction to prescribe strong drugs to troubled children is contributing to their
problems, and how schools can help themselves by helping troubled students. Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D., is a marriage and family therapist specializing in domestic violence issues. She’s the author of “The Healing is

8:07AM MST Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Dale Steenbergen joins us to give his update on what's happening at the Chamber, with the business community, the economy and the military in the Cheyenne area