Meet Barrel Man Cody Sosebee.

When things get too rough for the cowboys he jumps in to save them.

He knows what he is doing because he used to be on the other end of the game. But after years of taking a beating for the cheering crowds, he thought that perhaps he was getting too old and, in his words, "too old and fat anymore."

But he just could not give up the show. So now, 11 months out of the year, he puts on makeup and throws himself in front of raging bulls, for the money, and for the love of it.

So when you see Cody run out into the dirt and the dung to challenge a raging beast, call out his name so he can hear you. If you are not sure that he heard you, drop him a note on FaceBook.

Without him, we would have run out of cowboys a long time ago.

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