I hate moving. It's not that I am particularly tied to any town or house, or anything. I just do not like to pack, load a truck, unload a truck, unpack...blah, blah, blah. Whenever I have to move I look fondly back on the days when all my worldly possessions fit in my 1990 Geo Prism.

But, If I was moving into one of these amazing houses in and around Cheyenne, I think my attitude would change.

According to Realitor.com, these are the five most expensive houses for sale in Laramie County right now (November 2019).

1) 3420 Hales Ranch Rd, Cheyenne, WY - $1,300,000

Five bedrooms, five bathrooms, an eight-car garage, and 21 acres. WOW!


2) 7037 Buckskin Trl, Cheyenne, WY - $1,145,000

Seven bedrooms and five bathrooms in this one.


3) 2265 Hugh Glass Trl, Cheyenne, WY - $999,900

Just under a cool million gets you in-floor heat, a theater room, and six bedrooms.


4) 1258 Red Tail Way, Cheyenne, WY - $949,900

Only four bedrooms, but there is also a 23-foot vaulted ceiling, Cherry Cabinets, granite countertops, and a 15' wooden bar.


5) 2262 Wind River Trl, Cheyenne, WY - $929,900

Four bed, five bath, a double-curved staircase, and a gourmet kitchen with 3 sinks!



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