No doubt all of our lives have been touched, in one way or another, by people who are disabled and have specials needs. What has really impressed me in Cheyenne is that there are employers here who are willing to put these people to work.

When I lived in St. Louis Missouri, my heart was touched when I walked into a local pizza joint to find a blind woman taking orders over the phone. It spoke to me in a way that I figured if anyone could be on welfare, it would be her. But no. Here she was doing what she could to make a living and a company willing to allow her to do it.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS), along with the Mayor's Council for People with Disabilities, is hosting a job fair for those with disabilities on May 21 at the Cheyenne Workforce Center (1510 East Pershing Blvd in rooms 1141 and 1142 - south entrance).

It's good to know that the DWS is dedicated to helping people with disabilities find a job through which they can exercise their vocational skills and assist them in being productive citizens. Right now, DWS works with more than 4,000 people with disabilities in the state.

The event is open to job seekers with disabilities from 1 - 4 p.m on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. For more information, call 307-777-3700.