Friday, June 25th happens to be National Food Truck Day and is certainly a day that we can all get behind given the fact that food trucks are amazing! Not only that, but there are several right here in Cheyenne that deserve plenty of mention for being so awesome. So which one is the best?

When it comes to trying to figure out who has the best food truck in Cheyenne, we're not turning to any sort of 'so-called' food experts or Yelp or any other food publication. Instead, we check to see what some of Cheyenne's very own citizens have to say in a place where everyone says anything and everything...You guessed it. We're talking about Facebook.

We didn't pose any particular poll about this. Instead, we turned to a public group on Facebook that you might already be a part of, given they host approximately 11,500 members already. That group is Cheyenne Community Connections. The group page helps people throughout the local Cheyenne community connect with local businesses, services, and organizations. It is also useful in gathering information about upcoming local events or promotions, and local products and services are often shared.

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It just so happened that on Thursday, a post in the group showed up asking, "Who is your favorite food truck?" The responses named a variety of food trucks throughout Cheyenne that you probably drive past everyday. But there were some favorites that received the most votes and the top vote-getters in the comment thread were as follows:

There was a close race amongst the top three so perhaps we need more time for others to weigh in on the verdict. However, at the time this was written, Los Conejos was in the lead, just barely. So it seems they are currently the best food truck in Cheyenne, according to the local community. There are several great food trucks around the Cheyenne community that are not listed here, but that is because they were not in the top five according to votes out of Cheyenne Community Connections Facebook page.

If you get nothing else from this, just know that you now have plenty of recommendations to visit for food trucks throughout the Cheyenne community. And on National Food Truck Day, maybe you should stop by Fridays on the Plaza just outside the Depot in downtown Cheyenne tomorrow night. They always have plenty of food trucks at that event to try. Happy National Food Truck Day, Cheyenne!

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