It's a jungle out there, especially if you're driving on the mean streets of Cheyenne. The wet spring has wreaked havoc on roads all over town, leaving a minefield of treacherous potholes in its wake.

Here's my completely subjective list of the five worst streets for potholes in Cheyenne:

  1. Lincolnway Avenue - I was headed down East Lincolnway the other day and I saw a pothole so big, I actually thought I might fall in. West Lincolnway isn't any better, but at least you'll be driving slower when you hit that gigantic street crater.
  2. East Pershing Avenue - As soon as you pass the roundabout, watch out. There's a pothole in the eastbound, right hand lane that will make you feel like you're driving Bigfoot at a monster truck rally. The further east you go, the worse it gets.
  3. South Greeley Highway - As soon as you pass over the train tracks, the ride starts to get bumpy. By the time you pass Grandma's Pickle Parlor, you'll swear you're off-roading. I recently drove over a pothole just south of town that was so deep, I actually caught some air.
  4. Central Avenue - The streets aren't much better north of the viaduct. If you're driving south on Central downtown, buckle up and hold on tight. There's a few spots that will make you wish the downtown streets were still dirt roads. Going north on Warren isn't exactly a smooth ride either.
  5. Randall Avenue - Ever hit one of those potholes that sounded so bad, you were convinced you had a flat tire? If you're not careful, there's about ten of them on Randall Avenue and they get bigger as you head west towards I-25. I saw a car rolling down Randall recently that was bouncing up and down like a lowrider with hyrdraulics. Rumor has it, there's one pothole on Randall that's so big, it actually gobbles up old Ford Tempos in the middle of the night and swallows them whole.

Did I leave any off the list? Feel free to add to it in the comments section below.

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