Yesterday was World Toilet Day. Established by the World Toilet Organization in 2001, the annual event brings awareness for global sanitation issues. In honor of the occasion, here's our list of the five best public restrooms in Cheyenne.

1. Little America - One of the most luxurious restrooms you will ever use. Both the men's and women's rooms are large enough to occupy their own zip codes, with plenty of stalls and sinks.

2. The Historic Plains Hotel - Historic buildings don't always make for good public restrooms. The quirky nuances of the old buildings often result in small, cramped quarters with dated decor. While the restrooms at the Plains Hotel are certainly steeped in tradition, they are large, comfortable and well equipped with modern amenities.

3. The Sapp Brothers Truck Stop - Truck stop restrooms aren't typically known for their cleanliness. The Sapp Brothers Truck Stop on Interstate 80 is among the cleanest, most sanitary gas station restaurants around. Where else will you find heated toilet seats at a truck stop?

4. Perkins Restaurant - If you want the straight facts on restroom quality, don't ask a man. The ladies know which places are the best. And according to the gals in our office, the Perkins Restaurant on Del Range offers a warm, serene and sanitary environment that smells nice and has many decorative touches, including flowers.

5. (Tie) Cheyenne Depot Museum and The Suite Bistro - Both of these downtown establishments made the list based on their beauty and historic significance. However, there are drawbacks for their facilities.

While the restrooms at the Depot are large and well maintained, there's only two of them, which can be inconvenient during large events.

The restrooms at the Suite Bistro feature a vintage, sophisticated decor, but they are downstairs and can be difficult to locate, especially after a few drinks.