'That's it,' you tell your self. 'I'm serious this time. This is the year I get back in shape.'

Lets be honest, for most reading this right now, what do you mean "GET BACK IN SHAPE?" You never were in shape.

But you're serious this time are you? -- Well, maybe. I'm not trying to talk you out of this but lets have a look at what typically happens to people this time of year.

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1). Promises are made that this next year will be a fresh, clean start. You'll start with watching what you eat. Back off on the carbs. More fruit and vegies. Watch those portions. But first you need to clean out the fridge of all that crappy food you bought. Can't let it go to waste. Better start eating it now.

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2). You'll get that gym membership. Last time you only worked out for a month before quitting the gym. You'll be faithful this time and show up every day. Okay maybe not every day but 5 days a week. But on those weeks you can show up 5 days 3 days a week will be fine. Maybe 2 when the weather is really bad, even though the gym is inside.

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3). But back on those treats. No one needs to eat all that junk food. I mean, it's okay to have a little something now and then but no one needs to eat that much. But maybe a little, during the holidays, and birthdays. It's okay to grab something when someone leaves something in the kitchen at work. That's their fault. They did that to you. Snacking is okay while watching tv, just need to cut back on how much tv is watched. AW HECK just watch it.

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4). Healthy lunches are important. But something needs to be cut back here. Wonder what?

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5). Well, maybe if you put a tomato on that sandwich it will cancel out how much mayo and mustard you used. -- I'm sure there is a formula here.

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6). So anyway there's the plan. And you'll start January first. But January 1st is a Friday. you get to celebrate the new year over a 3 day weekend. Well heck, that's a holiday so there's no harm in that.


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