Time again to party with a purpose on Thursdays for the Spring 2020 edition of Thankful Thursdays. The fun is back at AMVets Post 10 with food, drinks, chances to win and to raise money for our community.

Thankful Thursday has been in existence it has over $2 million for local charities during its run. So, come on out to Am Vets Post 10 on Thursdays this Fall and help that number keep rising.

Each Thursday money is raised for a specific charity, see the schedule below.

All the fun takes place at Am Vets Post 10, the doors open at 4:00 PM every Thankful Thursday. There's food, drinks, and lots of fun. Plus, it is actually possible to win money just for walking through the door.

No need to cook dinner. There is always something on the menu and all proceeds from food sales go to the cause. It's the party with a purpose.

Spring 2020 Season of Thankful Thursday:

thankful thursday
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