While there's no way to confidently predict human behavior, State Superintendent Jillian Balow says there are tools, actions and strategies that can reduce incidences of school violence.

"When a tragic shooting occurs in our nation there is an unfortunate urge to place blame and focus on only one or two aspects of safety," Balow said in a letter to superintendents Monday.

"It is critical to approach student safety from a broad-based perspective -- addressing a range of preventative and safety measures both at individual schools as well as at the district and community levels," she added.

Balow says one size never fits all, especially in Wyoming.

"I am active at the national and state levels to ensure that all communities are represented in the conversation and that safety also encompasses student well-being," she said.

"I remain committed ensuring Wyoming's communities have the knowledge, tools and resources to help ensure our students are safe."​


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