A new study by Doxo Insights says household bills in Cheyenne have increased by eight percent in 2022 compared to last year with inflation the likely culprit.

You can read the full report for Cheyenne here.

The report found that household costs in Cheyenne, including such things as rent or mortgages, utilities, and health insurance averaged $2,812. A total of 10 different categories of household expenses were included in the study, although food costs were not factored in. The survey found that the average mortgage in Cheyenne costs $1,283 per month while rent typically costs $951.

One of the biggest expenses in Cheyenne, according to the report, is auto insurance, which costs on average $971 versus a typical national cost of only $196 monthly.

The survey does not explain the difference between average Cheyenne auto insurance costs as opposed to the national average.

In comparison to other Wyoming communities, household costs in Cheyenne were the highest in the state, with Jackson second at a little over $2,500 monthly. In a regional comparison with northern Colorado, Cheyenne again was expensive. Household costs in Fort Collins average only $2,075 per month. Windsor was close to Cheyenne at $2,628. Laramie, by the way, was a much cheaper place to live, coming in at only $1,641 per month.

Wyoming overall is not especially inexpensive either. The state was ranked the 17th most expensive state in household costs at $2,022 per month. Hawaii was the most expensive state, averaging $ 2,911 per month in household expenses. West Virginia was the least expensive, averaging $1,452 per month.

Among Wyoming's closest neighbors, South Dakota ranked least expensive, with average monthly household costs of $1,654 per month.

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