Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen says Cheyenne has a lot of issues that aren't being addressed, and thinks a city administrator might solve the problem.

He cites high housing costs, what he calls a deteriorating infrastructure and a difficult climate for business as among the problems that remain unsolved,

He cites a recent national survey which rated Cheyenne as 134th out of 200 comparable communities in the cost of doing business.

"Wow, we're just below mid-level" he says of the survey results.

The Chamber has endorsed a change to a city administrator form of government. Such an administrator would be appointed by the city council, and would make most day to day decisions about city government.

Opponents of the proposal point out the city administrator would answer to the city council rather than the voters. Some critics say that's especially a concern because in their view the council has a history of ignoring public opinion on important issues.

The change in the form of city government would first have to be approved by the city council, and Steenbergen says he favors putting it before the voters.

He says any such change would likely not take effect before 2017 at the earliest.