Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen says state and local governments across Wyoming need to address infrastructure needs despite tight budgets.

Steenbergen notes the local governments, like the rest of Wyoming, are trying to get by on less money because of the downturn in the state's energy. Steenbergen says in hard times it's important to make a distinction between "investments" and "expenditures."

Steenbergen says infrastructure work is an important investment because transportation of goods, people and information are major factors in where companies decide to do business.

He says even with tight budgets keeping up roads, highways and bridges is an investment in the future, adding Wyoming and Laramie County need to make sure they stay competitive with other areas in attracting new business.

He says in times like these local and state governments face the temptation to ''not spend money on anything," which he says is a bad idea.

Steenbergen says infrastructure work includes everything from repairing potholes on city streets to maintaining local sewer systems, among other things.

Locally, Steenbergen says there are potholes to fill and roads to fix despite tight budgets for both city and county government, adding the work needs to move forward.