Authorities with the Weld County Sheriff's Office say they have cleared six people of allegations that they might have been a police impersonator accused of stopping cars and questioning motorists.

They say the investigation is ongoing

There have been reports of such incidents in both Weld County and Larimer County.

At least two different makes and models of vehicles have been reported in connection with the case.

A recent incident in Fort Collins included a report of the suspect driving a white van with no police markings, but red and blue lights installed on the windshield.

But other reports in Weld County have had the suspect driving a black Dodge Charger similar to the one in the photo (not the actual car). The charger may be equipped with emergency lights on the dash, and may or may not have magnetic police markings on the door.

In the Fort Collins case, the phony cop reportedly questioned a female motorist about her compliance with stay-at-home order the was issued in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

The suspect in the stops in being described as an athletic to heavy-set white man, wearing a dark uniform that he may be trying to pass off as that of a police officer. In the Fort Collins stop mentioned earlier, he was also reportedly wearing a "cop hat." The post on the Weld County Sheriff's Department Facebook page also included the following:

''It has come to the attention of the Criminal Impact Unit through the investigation that some individuals are taking advantage of media reports about a police impersonator to use it as an excuse for being late to or missing work. The sheriff’s office not only wants to remind residents false reporting is a crime, but that it also diverts valuable resources away from catching the real suspect or suspects.''

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